With unemployment at record lows and competition at an all-time high, retaining your assets has become priority #1 in successful organizational strategy. John shares insights from his 20+ years in global corporate strategy and how he has retained 99% of client revenue retention during his career. With a heart-based approach, John brings an old-school touch to our fast-paced workplace that inspires meaningful, fulfilling, and long-lasting professional relationships.

John’s keynote presentations are 30 to 90 minutes and will be customized to fit your audience and preferences. Speech titles can be modified to match the theme of your event.

With nearly 30 years of experience, having worked with over 50 of the Fortune 500, hundreds of additional large and small enterprises and revenue retention rates as high as 99%, John can deliver a message to your team that will provide value you will be able to implement immediately and see results! His experience of global accounts, start-ups and industry leading companies provides the perfect blend to help every company who wants to be better, grow revenue and get more profitable.

Most requested keynotes:

  • The Retention Connection

    Retention of clients and employees = growth and profit. It’s that simple. What is not simple is how to retain both. Retention is perhaps the greatest source of business growth, yet for most companies it is the most undervalued. John will overview the value of retention for both employees and clients and how they affect every single person in your business, as well as the health to your company. John will share a powerful story which outlines this success and leave with you the excitement of how you can change your company story.

  • The Millennial Mindset for a Purposeful Career & Profitable Company

    As the largest workforce group in the United States today, millennials hold much to offer. Unfortunately, they leave their jobs the most, with an average of 1.1 years depending on the industry. Let’s break through stereotypes and hit the fundamental ideals of this massive talent pool. John will help you understand some of the key components of what drives this generation and how it can grow and add value to your business!

  • “Be” Your Best Employee

    CEO or intern, street sweeper or mayor, we can all be our best employee. John will outline how focusing on our positions and analyzing our needs and culture can redefine our success, and revitalize your workforce. John’s teaching provides the ability to raise the bar for everyone, while simultaneously providing value add to the company and our personal lives.

  • How Excellence = Acceleration

    Everyone wants to move faster and be better. But not everyone knows how, let alone where to start. Understanding how to strive for, attain and apply excellence across all the areas of your business and life will accelerate your ability to achieve those your goals.

For Leaders

  • Putting the Heart in Human Capital

    How investing in your people enhance culture

    How culture shift influences growth and profitability

  • The Value of a “Valued” Employee

    What are the benefits you receive as an employer when your employees feel valued?

    How does that translate into the health and perception of your business?

  • Engaged employees are your best growth engine

    What is an engaged employee?

    How does lack of engagement hurt my business?

    Why do employees disengage?

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