About John

John Polidori is a business veteran with nearly 30 years of experience in retention, engagement, leadership, communication, team building, strategy, global account sales and management, operations, and P&L management. John is focused as a speaker, coach, and consultant specializing in client and employee retention, and also oversees operations as the COO for Mastermind Lounge™.

Over his career John worked for some of the most prominent global brands like AT&T and HTC, as well as many small technology and start-up entities. He has worked with a host of the Fortune 500 – for example GE, AT&T, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Verizon, Chevron, Ford, General Motors, Verizon, Deloitte, Exelon and many more. During that time, John retained clients, as well as built channels, processes and teams that well outperformed the norm. In a corporate role, John managed a P&L of over $60 million and held a 99% client revenue retention rate vs. the corporate client revenue retention rate of approximately 75%. In another role, he helped build a new channel that started with zero dollars in revenue and grew to $25 million in 2 years, securing at that time the largest corporate client for his channel partner. John is utilizing his specialized philosophies and systems to provide this same level of success for all companies who look to seek explosive gains in all aspects of their business.

He was educated by some of the world’s most renowned professors in Corporate Strategy, Organizational Architecture and Finance at the William E. Simon School of Business where he received his MBA as part of the global executive MBA program with the University of Bern in Switzerland and Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. He attained his BA from St. John Fisher College, where he was also a four-year member of the varsity football team.

John’s personal purpose is focused solely on helping others. Whether that is in a professional or personal setting, the goal has always been the same: Find ways to help people and better the cause. This lifelong journey of helping has endured through faith, family, and having an extremely close group of friends, many of whom are in his hometown of Herkimer, NY.

Away from work, John’s time is focused on three critical areas: Faith, Family and Friends. He spends time teaching children, coaching sports, attending family events, as well as church and volunteer activities. He resides in Penfield, NY, with his wife Heidi and two daughters, Grace and Faith.

Get Better. Be Best.

the mission

To create and deliver strategies of excellence in key disciplines to help individuals and organizations become their best versions.

Improve Human Interactions by Best Versions.


Inspire a movement that through these best versions collectively improves all types of interactions and, therefore, relationships, of all individuals in all vocations and walks of life.

Values - The "Non-Negotiables"


Heart is the key, and we have a heart for what we do – and we put our heart into all we do


Consistency of heart to do “the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right reason.” John Ortberg


Clarity is a critical foundational element to successful communication within our company


Through unquestionable integrity, we build trust with our clients, which is the cornerstone to a fruitful and successful relationship.


Striving for excellence in all things is not an option, it is a prerequisite for all roles within the company.


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